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Sammy Studios was created in 2002 and led by professionals from the interactive and traditional entertainment industries. They produced and distributed interactive entertainment content for various channels. The company went on to publishing third-party titles from leading developers and cultivating innovative licensable properties while creating original, franchise-worthy content for global distribution. Find out the whole story behind Sammy Studios and in particular the Seven Samurai 20xx game within this website.

Seven Samurai 20xx was created after a movie made by a Japanese director named Akira Kurosawa. This movie, Seven Samurai, that was originally released in 1954 was recreated in America by John Sturges in 1960 and called The Magnificent Seven. While the original version of the movie included a story line that told about 7 Samurai that defend some villagers from attack, the American version of the movie features 7 gunmen who come to the aid of a Mexican farming village. In 2004, a cartoon called Samurai 7 was also created after the original movie.

Now, over fifty years after the original film’s release, the game Seven Samurai 20xx has been born. While the game holds to the original story line by using Samurai, it takes place in a more modern setting. Instead of fighting off bandits, the Samurai fight with cyborgs, mutants and other creatures. The game seems to be more closely related to the cartoon version of the story when it comes to the plot and storyline. Characters continue through there adventure by chapters.

Fighting in Seven Samurai 20xx is all about combo hits. The players must repeatedly slash at the enemy with swords to defeat them. Even though the main character Natoe is traveling with 6 other warriors, players of Seven Samurai 20xx can only play as his character. The other six warriors fight during their cut scenes and do not offer Natoe assistance during his battle. Generally, Natoe volunteers to fight off the enemies. However, at the start, Natoe comes into battle with a humanoid in one of the villages, but does not want to get involved in the villager’s plight. He has to be convinced by Kanbei, eventually one of the seven, to help the villagers.