Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox Skins

Skins, Decals and Sticker for your Console


There is a need trend going on these days. People from all over the world start to customize their gaming console. No matter if they play on the Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo or a handheld. The desire to get a unique console is extremely high. People want to give their favorite and most time-consuming hobby an individual look. There are cover and designs almost in every category. For example if you got a favorite sports club you can easily look for it. For football, soccer, baseball or basketball teams you can find almost every single club from all over the world. If you like Marvel or other super heroes you can customize your PS4 in a Superman, Batman or Spiderman style. There is absolutely no limit when it comes to creativity and ideas around your gaming console.


The PS4 skins on Xesero are maybe the most popular ones all over the Internet. What makes them the best is not only their quality, but they also got the biggest choice. In total they count more than 200 different stickers for your PS4. But its not only the PS4, they also got PS3 skins and PS Vita Sticker. Xesero provides high quality PVC material for all their decals. You will also be able to use Nintendo Switch skins and stickers to style up your brand new Nintendo console. It is not the only purpose to make your handheld and console look absolutely unique, but also to protect it as good as you can. You prevent any kind of damage when you are applying the sticker. Applying the Switch, PlayStation and Xbox One skins is very easy. It only takes you around two minutes and you don’t need to have any specific skills. Everyone is able to install them. Of course there are ways how you can apply the Xbox One Skins in a much easier way, but in the end the result is the same. Check out the videos on Xesero to learn how to use the PS4 Skins. By the way…they are also offering skins for the PS4 slim and the new PS4 Pro. Take a deep look through their online gaming shop.


If you are only playing on handhelds you can also buy PS Vita or 3DS and 3DS XL accessories and skins. It is much easier to protect and customize your handheld if you are simply using different skins, sticker, accessories or bags.

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